Computer Diagnostics

Advanced Computer Diagnostics

Get the most out of fixing your fleet with Big Rig Fixer's computer diagnostics services. Our certified technicians will diagnose any issue you may have and accurately assess how to get your truck up to speed in no time.

Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostic Services

At Big Rig Fixer, we use cutting-edge technology and tools to diagnose any issue your truck may have. Our certified technicians are experienced in all makes and models of trucks, so you can rest assured that your computer diagnostics needs are in good hands.

Whether a minor problem or a major overhaul, our team will accurately assess the issue and provide the best solution. We specialize in engine diagnostics, ABS diagnostics, transmission diagnostics, and electrical system diagnostics. So no matter what service you need, we guarantee you'll receive the highest quality care at an affordable price.

Choose Big Rig Fixer for Computer Diagnostics

At Big Rig Fixer, we understand how important it is for your truck to run correctly. That's why we offer top-notch computer diagnostics services for all makes and models of trucks. Our highly qualified technicians use only the latest technology and tools to diagnose any issues quickly and accurately. Additionally, they'll work hard to ensure your truck runs safely and efficiently using high-quality parts from leading manufacturers.

We promise to treat our clients and business partners with integrity and honesty. Why? When they succeed, everyone wins because it's like a family connection. In addition, we take great pride in being a driving force in the trucking world, so give us a call when you need computer diagnostic services for your fleet!

Computer Diagnostics FAQ

What does a computer diagnostic do?

Computer diagnostic services involve scanning various components of a vehicle's electronic systems to identify any underlying issues or malfunctions that may be occurring, which could cause trouble down the road if left unchecked.
The primary purpose of this is to detect potential problems early on before they become more severe or costly repairs later on down the line, thus saving time & money while also improving the overall safety & reliability of the vehicle.

How much does computer diagnostic testing cost?

The cost for computer diagnostic testing will vary depending on what type of services you require and where you go for repair/testing but typically ranges from $100 - $200 per hour depending on the complexity & necessary scope of work.

Are there any signs I should look out for that indicate my vehicle might need computer diagnostic testing?

Several common signs may indicate that your rig might need some form of computer diagnostic testing, such as: decreased fuel economy, difficulty starting, difficulty driving, excessive exhaust smoke, strange noises coming from mechanical systems, increased emissions levels, or unexplained vibrations coming from underneath the hood area. If any of these symptoms are present, check them out sooner rather than later before further damage occurs!

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