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Advanced ABS Diagnostics

Don't let an ABS light cause unnecessary headaches and costs. With Big Rig Fixer, don't worry about a thing - we provide the best ABS diagnostic services for trailers in the business. Our knowledgeable technicians are well-equipped to diagnose any issues and maintain your fleet's reliability.

ABS Diagnostics, Trailer

ABS Diagnostic Services

Our experienced technicians use the latest computer diagnostic tools and software to pinpoint issues with your ABS. We check all components, such as sensors, wiring, valves, and pumps, to ensure that everything is in perfect working order. Our thorough diagnosis will help identify potential problems before they become costly repairs.

Choose Big Rig Fixer to Diagnose Your ABS

At Big Rig Fixer, we understand how important it is for your trailer's brakes to work correctly. That's why we offer top-notch ABS diagnostic services for all makes and models of trailers. Our highly qualified technicians use only the latest technology and tools to diagnose any issues quickly and accurately. Additionally, they'll work hard to ensure that your trailer runs safely and efficiently using high-quality parts from leading manufacturers.

We promise to treat our clients and business partners with integrity and honesty. Why? When they succeed, everyone wins because it's like a family connection. In addition, we take great pride in being a driving force in the trucking world, so give us a call when you need ABS diagnostics for your fleet!

ABS Diagnostics FAQ

What is an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)?

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an automotive safety feature found on most vehicles that helps reduce skidding & improve vehicle control during emergency braking situations by preventing wheels from locking up & causing loss of traction.
It works by monitoring wheel speed & applying/releasing brake pressure automatically as needed - allowing drivers to maintain steering control while still stopping quickly enough when needed (e.g., avoiding accidents).

What are some common signs of ABS problems?

Common signs of ABS problems include warning lights on the dashboard or trailer itself (usually red or yellow), difficulty stopping or decelerating due to lack of power/torque transmission, strange noises (i.e., grinding), etc.
If any of these symptoms are present on your vehicle, you must have them checked out as soon as possible before further damage occurs!

What causes ABS problems?

The most common causes of ABS problems are wear and tear due to regular use & age (i.e., worn brakes), faulty sensors/wiring/etc., improper maintenance or installation, excessive heat, or other nearby mechanical systems running too hot for extended periods.
It is important to note that different vehicles may have other systems & components which can cause different types of issues – so having an experienced mechanic check out your rig is essential if you're experiencing any issue with its braking system.

How do I prevent future ABS issues?

Preventing future ABS issues requires proper diagnostics and upkeep - such as checking hardware for wear & tear, replacing worn-out components as needed, inspecting brakes periodically for any signs of wear or damage, and performing preventative maintenance regularly enough based on manufacturer recommendations.
Additionally, make sure that any repairs or replacements are done by experienced mechanics who know what they're doing - this will help ensure that everything is installed correctly & functioning properly!

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